All-in-one SEO Management: The Complete SEO Manager for Notion


Hey there! If you’re into SEO or just getting started, you’ve got to check out the Complete SEO Manager for Notion. It’s this awesome tool that packs everything you need for SEO into one neat Notion template. It’s user-friendly and helps you organize your SEO game like a pro.

What’s Inside the Complete SEO Manager?

1. SEO Dashboard

Think of this as your SEO command center. It’s where you can quickly check how your site’s doing and plan your next moves. Super handy for keeping track of everything.

Complete seo manager dashboard

2. Blog Manager+

If you’re into blogging, this is a game-changer. It helps you get your posts just right for SEO and keeps track of how your keywords are doing. Makes life a lot easier.

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3. Topical Mapper

This tool is all about getting your content themes organized. It helps your site become a go-to place for certain topics, which is great for SEO.

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4. Content Gap Analysis

Organize your competitor research with the Content Gap Analysis.

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5. Influencer Outreach Planner

Working with influencers? This planner makes it a breeze to manage campaigns and collaborations, boosting your content’s reach big time.

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6. On-page & Off-page SEO Checklists

These checklists make sure you’re covering all your bases in SEO. They’re like a to-do list for making your site better at SEO.

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7. 100 AI Tools for Business

AI tools that can help you out in various business areas.

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8. SEO Tools View

Get quick access to a bunch of SEO tools all in one place. It’s a real time-saver and keeps things simple.

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9. SEO Concepts Page

Whether you’re new or have been doing SEO for a while, this page breaks down SEO stuff into easy-to-understand bits. Really useful for learning more.

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10. SEO ChatGPT Prompts Page

Here’s where AI comes in to help with SEO. These prompts can spark new content ideas and help with keyword optimization.

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11. 200 Ranking Factors Page

This is a deep dive into what affects your site’s ranking. It’s great for tweaking your SEO strategy to get better results.

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12. Traffic Sources Page

Find different ways to get traffic to your site. It’s full of insights on both free and paid methods to boost your visitors.

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The Complete SEO Manager for Notion is like having an SEO buddy that helps you out every step of the way. Whether you’re fine-tuning your current strategy or starting from scratch, this tool’s got your back.

Ready to up your SEO game? Give it a try!

Note: Just for personal use, not for selling.

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