Organize Your Blogging Workflow with the Blog Manager+ [Notion Template]

Streamline Your Blogging Workflow with the Blog Manager+ Notion Template

Key Takeaways

Easy Blog ManagementHassle-free organization of blog content using Notion.
Write and EditIn-template creation and modification of articles.
Article TrackingQuick management and overview of pending articles.
Keyword OrganizationEfficient sorting and linking of keywords to articles.
Multiple ProjectsCapability to handle several blog projects simultaneously.


Notion For SEO is a specialized platform offering a variety of templates to assist in organizing and optimizing SEO efforts. One of their standout offerings is the Blog Manager+ template, designed to simplify and streamline the process of managing a blog. This blog post explores the features and benefits of using the Blog Manager+ template from Notion For SEO.

Blog manager dashboard

Understanding the Need for Organized Blog Management

In the dynamic world of SEO and content creation, staying organized is not just a luxury, but a necessity. The Blog Manager+ template is a tool that helps content creators and SEO professionals navigate the vast and often overwhelming landscape of blog management.

Features of Blog Manager+

Easy Blog Management

The Blog Manager+ template provides a seamless experience for organizing your blog content. It’s designed to reduce the complexity and time spent on administrative tasks, allowing more focus on content creation and optimization.

Overview blog manager

Write and Edit

This feature is integral for writers who prefer a centralized platform for drafting and revising their articles. It enables the creation and modification of blog posts directly within Notion, fostering a more efficient workflow.

Blog writing space

Article Tracking

Keeping track of numerous articles, especially when dealing with multiple submission deadlines or publication dates, can be challenging. The Blog Manager+ template offers an easy-to-use system for viewing and managing pending articles.

Keyword Organization

For SEO optimization, keywords are crucial. This template allows for efficient sorting and association of keywords with respective articles, enhancing the SEO potential of your content.

Keyword planner

Handling Multiple Projects

The ability to manage several blog projects simultaneously is a significant advantage for content managers and SEO strategists who work with multiple clients or manage various blogs.

Pricing and Accessibility

Notion For SEO provides the Blog Manager+ template as part of its free offerings. This accessibility ensures that even individuals or small businesses on a tight budget can benefit from this powerful tool.


The Blog Manager+ template from Notion For SEO is a comprehensive solution for blog management. Its features cater to the essential needs of content creators and SEO professionals, making it an invaluable tool in the arsenal of anyone looking to streamline their blogging process.

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