Step By Step Guide (Setting up the Complete SEO Manager)

Hey! Matt here.

We’re going to look into the steps to get started with the Complete SEO Manager.

It’s a holistic template for Notion that you can use to manage your entire SEO workflow.

So if you’re already using the template, or just getting started. This can help you get started or get new ideas for working on your website.

If you have no idea what it’s about, check out the Complete SEO Manager here!

Complete seo manager

So let’s get into the tips and steps you can take right now.

Set up a new website

Click here to set up a new website

Setting up your workspace

1. Remove all current content from the databases

Open the pages where the current data is stored:

1. Blogs page

2. Topical Map

3. Keywords

4. Competitor Analysis

5. Analysis

6. Action Plans

7. Influencer Outreach

8. Email Marketing

Click on the checkbox on the top-left side to select every row.

Then click on delete.

Screenshot 2024 04 23 143808

2. Create a Topical Map

By creating a topical map, you can map out your pillar pages, topic clusters, and subniches.

2.1 Put the data into the database

3. Import keywords into Keyword Planner

Add keywords from Google Keyword Planner, so you can visualize it and easily connect it with blogs you want to write.

4. Add competitors to the workspace

You can add your competitors to the Content Gap Analysis template, inside the competitors page.

4.1 Do a Content Gap Analysis

Perform a Content Gap Analysis, so you can see where you can improve in opposition to your competitors in your niche.

4.2 Set up Action Plans

Set up action plans to manage your actions you need to take to improve your website.

5. Set up Influencer Outreach Campaigns

Create Influencer Outreach Campaigns to expand your marketing plans. By using the audience of a person that is already known, you can speed up the market adoption rate.

6. Set up Quarterly Goals

Set up goals so you can hold yourself accountable by setting deadlines.

As time passes, you can also reflect on your choices day to day.

And prepare for the next quarter with new habits and with actions that have a bigger ROI.

Working on SEO

1. Write and update blog posts

2. Go through checklists to improve your website

3. Use these (mostly) free to use SEO tools

4. Use the 100 ChatGPT prompts to get more ideas

5. Submit your website to relevant directories

6. Do a Backlink Gap Analysis

7. Check out Link Building Strategies

8. Write and manage Guest Posts

9. Write Email Marketing Posts, and make workflows

10. Learn SEO by watching videos

11. Save important Notes & Ideas

12. Get in the right mindset

13. Get answers to your questions

That’s it.

Remember, a castle isn’t build in a day.

Keep learning. Keep improving. Keep going.

Hope this has helped you set up your workspace, and get started.

On to the next one!

Matt, SEOperate

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