Top 21 SEO Guides & Blogs (Beginner Friendly)

Today we’re looking at the best SEO Guides & Blogs.

We’ll give you a short description of the blog or guide, so you have a clear understanding of what it’s about.

Let’s get into the Table of Contents!

Table Of Contents

  • Ahrefs Beginner Guide to SEO
  • Starter Guide to SEO
  • SEO Basics: A Comprehensive Guide
  • Complete SEO Course For Beginners (2hrs)
  • Ahrefs Blog: Learn SEO & Marketing
  • SEO Content Guide By RankMath
  • SSL Certificate (https)
  • .htaccess File
  • robots.txt File
  • Understanding Backlink Quality
  • How to optimize your blog
  • Automate Blog Posting from Notion to WordPress
  • What Is Schema Markup?
  • What is Guest Posting & 5 Ways To Guest Post
  • What is Topical Authority & How To Build It
  • What Are E-E-A-T and YMYL & How To Optimize For them
  • How To Boost SEO with Social Media
  • UX and SEO: The Best Strategy for Getting Results
  • Link Building Strategies: 8 Ways to Build Links
  • What Is a Slug? URL Slugs and Why They Matter for SEO
  • What Is Technical SEO? Basics and Best Practices

Beginner Guides

Here are a few beginner SEO guides, that can help you start your understanding of how search engines operate.

This is a beginner guide by Ahrefs, well known around the world.

This is a starter guide to SEO by Google Search Central.

Learn the basics of SEO in a guide by Backlinko.

If you want to get into everything SEO related, and you’re an absolute beginner this Complete SEO Course will get you on your way.

It’s incredibly value packed. Check it below:

The main blog of Ahrefs has everything you can think of when it comes to SEO.

If you just want to scroll around and find something you’re interested in that catches your eye, this is a great way to start.

On-Page and Technical SEO

Here we’ll look at the best on-page & technical SEO guides.

Get your content optimized and right for the people you target.

Get a understanding for how security plays a part in SEO & your website.

Learn what a .htaccess file is and how you can use it.

Beginner guide to the robots.txt file, learn about it to implement yours.

Learn to optimize your blog and get seen by the people you are writing for.

Get a basic understanding of Schema Markup, and how you help search engines get to know your website.

If you’re unsure what UX has to do with SEO, you can check this one out.

You’ll learn that everything is interconnected with SEO.

Why are URL slugs important and how do they influence SEO, learn about it in this article.

Get an understanding of Technical SEO by a full guide provided by Semrush.

Learn about link building, how social media affects SEO, topical authority & E-E-A-T.

Learn to build quality links that are relevant and powerful.

Read about guest posting, and how you can build links with this.

How does Social Media play into it all, and can it boost SEO?

Heard about the term: “Topical Authority”, but still confused? Read more about it here, and get updated on the topic.

Learn what E-E-A-T & YMYL means and how it influences SEO.


How can Notion be integrated with WordPress for a seamless experience?

Learn about it in this article.


In conclusion I want to say that learning SEO can be challenging.

But taking action everyday, by doing & learning something new, does wonders.

Becoming knowledgable on SEO takes time, just like learning anything.

Don’t expect too much, and don’t give up too soon.

Anyways, that’s all for now!

Have a good one!

Matt, SEOperate

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